New Anti-SPAM / Anti-Virus tools! - Apr 10, 2009

Tired of SPAM? Try our new IronPort-based anti-spam service. PortMorgan has partnered with IronPort Systems (a Cisco Company) and deployed redundant anti-spam/anti-virus appliances in our datacenter. These dedicated servers can process over 1 million emails in a 24 hour period with an extremely low false-positive rate. After 4 months of in-house testing, the IronPorts filtered over 300,000 messages without a single false-positive and less than 1/10th of 1% false-negatives (spam that successfully reached our mailboxes). Over 98% of all messages received were determined to be spam and blocked from ever reaching our mail servers...and thus your mailboxes! Give us a call if you wish to add this feature to your email services.

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