History of PortMorgan PortMorgan started in Phoenix, AZ in 1994 with a single Compaq Server, a single 256Kps Frame Relay circuit and 8 56K dialup modem lines for customer access. The name PortMorgan originated from a quote "it's not an information superhighway, it's an ocean out there". While the quote's author is unknown, that quote prompted us to provide a safe harbor, Port Morgan, on that ocean of information.

PortMorgan quickly grew to multiple servers providing websites and email for over a hundred domains and a few thousand email accounts. In 2000, we moved to a full service data center with multiple carrier-class connections to the Internet backbone. That data center had sufficient battery capacity and electric generators to withstand an extended power outage. In 2000, we added support for the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP) environment and began providing DNS services. We finally retired our original Sun Cobalt Linux servers in early 2009!

In 2009, PortMorgan initiated a move to Denver, Colorado. Our new full-service data center was a former commercial data center and provides the stability and redundancy such a facility requires. In addition to uninterruptable power supplies and backup generators, the data center has both fiber and microwave connectivity to multiple Internet Access Providers. Internet Access Providers supply the ultra-highspeed backbone of the Internet.

PortMorgan is an environmentally aware company. We strive to provide and utilize "green" services, not when it's convenient, but as an underlying business principle. Our data center has installed a first of its kind cooling system that relies solely on outside air throughout much of the year. Using an air-side economizer, the system pulls cool, filtered air into the data center to cool our servers more than 80% of the year. We use less than 20% of energy normally required for cooling a similar environment.

PortMorgan's three principals have over 75 combined years in the computer and networking industries. All have worked for the largest networking companies including USWest (now Qwest), Pacific Telesis (now Verizon), and Vodaphone PLC. Each principle brings a unique set of skills and knowledge that enable the balance of our employees to meet our customers' business needs. We're excited to be a small, growing and successful entrepreneurial company.